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    FIG Certification Process (Feedback Interpretation and Guidance)

    If you wish to have a more detailed conversation about the FIG Certification process, schedule a short discussion with an LRI research consultant.

    Many organizations are now choosing to leverage internal resources to provide coaching and guidance to employees that are participating in development programs. Though straightforward in concept, providing feedback coaching to employees can be an incredibly challenging but rewarding experience. To ensure organizations get the most out of their feedback coaching process, LRI offers a robust training program called FIG (or Feedback Interpretation and Guidance) to certify 360 feedback coaches. 

    The program is robust. In addition to 8 hours of “virtual” training where a variety of different areas related to successful coaching are discussed, an LRI consultant/coach will also work with each participants “one‐on‐one” for about 4 hours to help them prepare for, conduct, and debrief their first 360 feedback sessions. 

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